About Us

Tactical Fitness and Performance LLC, specializes in physical performance enhancement, tactical injury management, rehabilitation//reconditioning programs, soft tissue treatment, nutritional consultation and facility design plans. The system provides a wealth of experience gained from working with high performance athletes from the collegiate level to the professional ranks. TFP’s unique tactical injury management program implements a network of Doctors, Rehab specialists and soft tissue therapists that are geographically situated to the specific Pararescue team’s location. Fitness professionals and Rehab professionals work closely to monitor the progress of each injury case to minimize lost work days.

TFP recognizes the mission ready capabilities and needs of the military. Given those needs and how they can positively/negatively impact individual missions and the overall effectiveness of the Pararescue wing, TFP will respond in kind.

Products and Services

Physical Fitness Programs for Early Operators and High Mileage Operators
Physical Development Programs for PJ Trainees
Tactical Injury Management (from surgery to return to work status)
Rehabilitation Programs
Soft Tissue Therapy
Nutritional Consultation
Facility Design consultation