Our Mission

Tactical Fitness & Performance is a dynamic Human Performance Optimization provider with a multi faceted approach to results driven managed care. Solving the needs that today’s athlete expects and deserves requires a sound understanding of the performance demands placed upon the human asset. TFP understands and puts into practice advanced human performance managements systems. These tools are tailored to career driven professionals and organizations looking to control loss and increase production. We believe that results can be driven and managed.

TFP accomplishes this mission by blending a core belief structure focused on a single goal with a unified message. Our resource professionals deliver a managed health care program that promotes structured performance results.  

Our core pillars of performance for our customers include

  • Understanding and responding to the daily loss exposures present in a high end tactical or professional sports environment.
  • Creating, delivering, and implementing sustainment programming that is career focused.
  • Combining multiple Physical Therapeutic modalities responsible for preventive measures while responding to injury specific loss exposure.
  • Staying “hands on” with diverse soft tissue manipulations.
  • Manage and challenge the injury from start to finish. Advocate and challenge the injury.

Tactical Injury Management is a team approach