• Physical Fitness Programs for Early Operators and High Mileage Operators 
  • Physical Development Programs for PJ Trainees 
  • Tactical Injury Management (from surgery to return to work status) 
  • Rehabilitation Programs 
  • Soft Tissue Therapy 
  • Nutritional Consultation 
  • Website Access to training resources and rehabilitation resources 
  • Facility Design consultation 

Working for You

Our core pillars of performance for our customers include:

  • Understanding and responding to the daily loss exposures present in a high end tactical or professional sports environment.
  • Creating, delivering, and implementing sustainment programming that is career focused.
  • Combining multiple Physical Therapeutic modalities responsible for preventive measures while responding to injury specific loss exposure.
  • Staying “hands on” with diverse soft tissue manipulations.
  • Manage and challenge the injury from start to finish. Advocate and challenge the injury.